Unlock the value of your interview notes

Reduce work. Discover insights. Align the team.

Tag as you type

Just type your notes as usual, in Sapium's simple editor. Then hit a keyboard shortcut to tag that sentence as #feature-idea, @sam, or anything else to classify on the fly.

Limitless tags. Blazing speed.
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Save hours a week creating summaries from your sprawling and historical interview notes. Filter and slice according to your tags and highlights, as if your docs were spreadsheets made of sentences.

Feature requests by customer segment? Easy. And accurate.
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from script to analysis

Easily create scripts to conduct templatized interviews, then use those same interview questions to slice your data just like you would with tags.
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Import and export

Export everything in the format you need—consolidated summaries, individual documents, or even entire data dumps.

No need to change your existing workflows—if you prefer, import notes directly, for instance with our Google Docs and Zapier integrations.
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Share interview learnings with stakeholders with one click, as a link or as an email. Reduce friction in meetings, with structured evidence at your fingertips to back up your insights.
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Now Introducing


Built on decades of product discovery and research experience, our human team of AI-assisted research veterans can analyze all your past notes and documents, tagging them so you can easily see vast, rich insights, and use them to drive product strategy decisions. Available to Sapium Enterprise customers.

experts tag your old documents

Just stream your documents in via our API, and our experts will immediately get to work. We'll tag your documents according to qualitative research best practices, keeping to a core group of ~5 sentence-level tags that then drive countless themes and insights from your docs.

slice it any way you need

Once our experts have cleaned and tagged your notes and docs, you can easily jump into the Sapium interface to see, slice and filter the results in any way you need. Top pain points for your SMB segment? Most positive quote about your latest product? Graph of negative feedback by feature over the years? Easy.

on-demand pricing

With Sapium's Analysis-as-a-Service, you only pay for documents that the expert team analyzes. No more worrying that you can't afford another full-time researcher.
Use cases

save time on interviews and research

Simple but powerful

The power of a research department at your fingertips.

Flexible tags

Create tags while typing, or manage and restrict tags as appropriate to your team or project. Define tags at the sentence or the document level.

Not just notes

Sapium doesn't stop at meeting notes and interviews. Throw in market reports, articles, passive aggressive client emails—if it has text, it works with Sapium. Paste it, or use the API.

Robust security

Sapium is built on an industry-standard secure infrastructure. Virtual private cloud, encrypted at rest and in transit, MFA, and all the security whistles that'll make IT smile and keep all data safe.
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Turn notes into knowledge

Sapium is available now for our early partners. Join us and turn your business notes into insights.
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