Turn notes into actions

Sapium helps you collect, structure and summarize meeting notes and expert interviews into shareable insights and recommendations.

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Unlock the value of your meeting notes

Reduce work. Align the team.

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Just type your notes as usual. Then hit a keyboard shortcut to tag that sentence as #followup, @sam, or anything else to classify on the fly.

Limitless tags. Blazing speed.


Save hours a week creating executive summaries from your sprawling notes. Filter and slice according to your tags and highlights, as if your docs were spreadsheets made of sentences.

Feature requests by customer segment? Followups raised by VP stakeholders? Easy. And accurate.

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Share learnings with stakeholders with one click, as a link or as an email. Reduce friction in meetings, with structured evidence at your fingertips to back up your insights.

Import and export

Export everything in the format you need—consolidated summaries, individual documents, or even entire data dumps.

No need to change your existing workflows—if you prefer, import notes directly, for instance with our Google Docs integration.

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Use cases

Use Sapium in any meeting or interview setting.

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Customer interviews

Define and follow a scriptCapture notes and responses as you usually doAutomatically filter interviews by interview questionFurther summarize and filter by your tags and highlights

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Expert interviews

Write faster executive summaries using the interview's DigestHighlight and surface significant quotes, stats, etcShare summary with team while keeping notes privateFilter and slice Digests to pull insights across experts

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Customer feedback

Capture unstructured, ad-hoc customer feedbackType as notes, or stream via APITag sentences while you type, e.g. #pain to see them in DigestSee context for each statement in the Digests just by clicking

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Client & partner meetings

Collect stakeholder feedback without changing your note-taking processEasily see a Digest of the actions you need to take after one or more stakeholder meetingsSpeed up edits to contracts and decks

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Internal meetings

Assign followups to team during meetings, on-the-flySummarize followups by urgencyKeep team accountable and mark followups as resolvedExport todos to project management tool like AsanaManage documents externally if needed

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Secondary research

Import market reports or other secondary research, by pasting or via APIQuickly read and tag this research to make it digestible for rest of teamSpeed up a due diligence or research project before it's even begun

Simple but powerful

The power of a research department at your fingertips.

Flexible tags

Create tags while typing, or manage and restrict tags as appropriate to your team or project. Define tags at the sentence or the document level.

More than just notes

Sapium doesn't stop at meeting notes and interviews. Throw in market reports, articles, passive aggressive client emails—if it has text, it works with Sapium. Paste it, or use the API.

Robust security

Sapium is built on an industry-standard secure infrastructure. Virtual private cloud, encrypted at rest and in transit, MFA, and all the security whistles that'll make IT smile and keep all data safe.

Turn notes into knowledge

Sapium is available now for our early partners. Join us and turn your notes into insights.


Welcome to Sapium. We'll be in touch soon to get you started.

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